The Ultimate Linux Logs Management Tutorial 2024

Linux Logs Management

Introduction Logs are essential for managing Linux systems effectively. They offer valuable information about system activities and events, enabling administrators to troubleshoot problems, monitor performance, and ensure security. However, handling logs can be overwhelming due to the large amount of data generated and the complexities of organizing, analyzing, and storing log files. Also you can … Read more

Compression and Archiving in Linux: A Comprehensive Guide


Linux is known for its powerful command-line tools and utilities that make system administration tasks efficient and flexible. Among these tools, compression and archiving play a crucial role in managing files, saving storage space, and transferring data efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of compression and archiving in Linux, complete with practical … Read more

What is SSH? and How Does It Secure Your Connections?

What is SSH?

Introduction What is SSH? In today’s interconnected world, the security of our digital communications is paramount. Whether you’re sending sensitive information over the internet or managing remote servers, you need a secure method to protect your data from prying eyes and malicious actors. One technology that plays a crucial role in achieving this is SSH, … Read more

How To Install Yum in Linux?


Introduction -: Welcome guys, Here we are learning the installation of the one of the most useful utility in linux, called as “YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified). Also you may learn the basic things about the linux into our blog “TechStudy24By7“. Here are some key points about YUM and how it works: In Linux, “yum” is … Read more

What Is A Linux Operating System?

what is linux?

What Is Linux? Hello Guys, I am technical writer for this blog “Tech Study”. Here we are going to see about Linux Operating System. Linux nothing but a machine which is responsible to perform a action which is defined by an user. what in linux? Question -: what in linux? Lets go !!! We will … Read more